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Easy & fair

 free accommodation anywhere You don't know where, when and by whom accommodations will be provided? will help you and other members in your search for private accommodations and contacts.

1. Requirements

You stayed/are young, are fond of traveling, easy going, enjoy meeting new people, like the freedom of not having to check in/check out of boring hotels and still have your sense of mutual solidarity.

2. Join

Your registration is anonymous and free. No personal data except your e-mail and your geographic information is needed. As a member you sometimes offer other members to spend the night.

3. Search for accommodations

You want to get out! Spring break, vacation or a spur of the moment weekend trip! You want to have fun and meet new people - and you need a place to stay. With the interactive map or the search engine on you will find welcoming hosts.

4. Get in touch

With the anonymous messaging system in the member area you can contact another members. You chat anonymously and at some point exchange information like e-mail, phone number etc. does not pass on any information - the system doesn't have them!

5. Accommodation free of charge

You want to stay for a week and then move on? Or you want to switch hosts everyday? Or you prefer to sleep in your VW bus and just need a warm shower and a soft bed from time to time? As you can see, anything is possible... Just talk to your host first. If they are cool with it, it's a deal and the door is open.

On you just confirm that the hosting took place. You can also add your own travel blog and pictures for your friends and family to see. Find more on that in the Features.

Solidarity community vs points is a solidarity community, so please act accordingly. However, we did develop a little point system. It is constantly discussed in the member area. It's not really "hot". The members will decide if they want to use it at some point or not.

Important: Points do not have anything to do with financial transactions. is and remains free of charge.


Check out the FAQ. And the Features link of gives you a short description on main characteristics and interactive functions that will enable an easy and agreeable contact with each other. As a signed in member you can chat with other users at Forum.

Please also note the Terms of Use during the registration. Some countries require this.

Join now!

 free accommodation in down-under The membership is free! Join and enjoy that your next vacation will be a little different. Join!

worldwide accommodations are available in the following languages:
German, English, Spanish, French and Chinese - more coming soon

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Basel, Switzerland
Cochin, India
Tirana, Albania
Melisa Zboron
Concordia Entre ríos Argentina , Argentina
Milano, Italy

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