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1 week trip: Jakarta to Bali + back

by Thee/Jakarta, November

I was having a travel to Bali with my friends, we want to enjoy Bali with in the cheapest way. In the end, mostly of us just spent money for IDR 2.500.000 or US $ 250! Waw!

It include almost everything, return ticket, accomodation via and transportation, good food and some in expensive way,  souvenirs, rafting, Waterbom Bali, diving and other water sport! What can I say… I’m a genius… and people say it’s imposible. Not for me… I’ll teach you how;

Go travel in low season, and find the cheapest return ticket [don’t go by travel or ask help from travel agent], find a local newspaper and find the cheapest ticket. Don’t find it? Open the official site, such as;, or I suggest you go by lion air, cheapest than other and you get a complementary drink plus a bread. The price for return ticket is IDR 700.000 or $ 70 MAX! More than that, leave it behind and find another way.

Once you landed at Bali, take a brochure as many as you can have. You’ll have more opportunity if you know some locals from Bali.

Take a rest and give it a look at your brochure, if you travel alone [without locals], you might get a high price. They’ll consider you as a tourist [well we are tourist, the different just; we are locals and you’re not, so best way to find best price, get to know with the locals!]. What do you want is listed in the brochure, just find the cheapest price and give it a call, in the low season they often offer us a discount.
Walk around by foot is much more recommended, except for rafting and water sport you’ll go by travel [don’t worry it’s in the package, no more charge, if the driver asking for more money, ignore it].

If you want to buy a souvenirs, I recommended to go to Pasar Sukawati. Bargain the price! Don’t just agree with them, if they give you a price IDR 300.000 for just a bag, ask them for IDR 75.000, they don’t agree? Leave it behind, in low season… they will look after you and agree with the price! Same thing work for Ubud Market, but in Ubud the price is little bit high. If they asked you IDR 300.000 for a bag, ask them for IDR 120.000. Go shopping in Indonesia, means; good at bargain. Not good at it, you’ll lose your monye more than it suppose to be..

Enjoy Bali and Welcome to Indonesia!!!

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