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strTextIMAGEPRESS Zeitung Alternative Reisen und Tourismus IMAGEEND This is where we offer anyone interested different materials for download. This material may be published at any time if mentioned with #NL# Most of the files are multi-lingual. Choose the desired language in the site bar in the upper right corner.#NL# We would be thrilled about your LINKREFERrecommendationLINKEND of our project to friends and family. Please let us know about your publication in order that we can keep the news releases up to date. Thank you!

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strPressContactTextDo you have any further questions or need more information? We are happy to talk to you in person: #NL# IMAGESEBFRANK Sebastian und Frank IMAGEEND IMAGECONTACT email IMAGEEND#NL# phone: +41 43 536 05 59#NL#

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strLogoTextThe logo may be used in the original or in black/white. Right click the respective link and "save as..." on your own cmputer.

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worldwide accommodations are available in the following languages:
German, English, Spanish, French and Chinese - more coming soon

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